Darey – unDAREYted [Review]

April 2nd, 2009 | By


1. Stay (Hey-Yo) – Darey ft. Naeto C

2. Not The Girl – Darey

3. No Stars – Darey

4. More – Darey

5. Style Na Style – Darey ft. 9ice

6. Se Ti Gbo – Darey ft. 2Face & Naeto C

7. Carry Dey Go – Darey ft. 2Face

8. Let You Know – Darey ft. Pheel

9. With This Woman – Darey

10. Go (She Said) – Darey

11. Thinkin’ – Darey

12. Keep Ur Head Up -  Darey


Its been 3 years since Dare released his last album ‘From Me 2 U’. Upon listening to all the songs in his new album ‘unDareyted’, it is obvious that a lot has changed about Dare’s approach to writing and singing music. It might be his new found love; Deola or just plain experience in the Nigerian music industry. However, something has changed from every perspective we choose to look at it. Dare’s music has transitioned into a more Naijacentric form fusing his foreign style with a bit of the locals to create songs that are airworthy and more pleasing to the Nigerian ears.

Collaborating with the industry’s other stars such as 2 Face, 9ice, Naeto C and fast growing Pheel also added variety to this album. Needless to say, Dare also prove his lyrical genius in these songs. He obviously spent a lot more time with his pen and paper this time. With a lot of great talent coming up in the industry now, he definitely has a lot of contention for airtime. With this album, Dare has smoothly sealed his reputation for consistent matured, romantic and danceable songs. Frankly, he sounds like he is revamped and ready for business. Two albums deep into a career in Nigeria’s entertainment industry is definitely paying him off already.

Like a disc jockey dropping a guaranteed club banger, unDareyted opens up a with a mind pleasing “Stay (HeyYo)”. The song has a tinkering and highly creative beat featuring world’s famous Naeto C. This track is extremely earcatching with Dare’s smooth voice on the vocals and Naeto dropping the Rap lines. This track is a great opening reinforcing Dare’s countenance this time. Ready For Business!

The extreme R & B feel of the second track ‘Not The Girl’ shocked me for a minute. It was a sharp contrast from the first track and of course, the mind blowing piano entrance was overwhelmingly soothing. This is one of the songs on this album in which Dare prove his lyrical genius clearly. The track not only feels the mind with instrumental richness but is worth listening to for its deep lyrical content. Also in this league is the next track; ‘No Stars’. It has a classic feel and deep lyrical content exposing an overly sentimental theme. Its great for people who love classic R & B.

‘More’ features a more rhythmic beat with clear techno aspirations, launching us out of a sea of R & B bliss. The song is a standout track as it is fast paced and danceable, definitely proper music to the ears of any club junkie. ‘Style Na Style’ is another rhythmic beat but with an African theme this time. Another guaranteed crowdpleaser, backing up Dare’s R & B mojo with some partay feel. He also perfected this one by bringing in 9ice to fill the track up with his everdextrous vocal ability and local feel. The beat is extremely catchy and has a lot of energy. It will make the most conservative music listener want to dance.

‘Se Ti Gbo’ is a perfect feel good song. He added spice to the song by bringing 2 Face and Naeto C in. Naeto dropped the lines and Dare did the vocals with zealous 2 Face Idibia. ‘Carry Dey Go’ was also done with 2 Face Idibia and the two songs create a warm center for the album as a whole. ‘Carry Dey Go’ has a big band feel and a catchy danceable beat. 2 Face Idibia’s evocative voice also makes the song stand out and easy on the ears.

‘Let You Know’ puts us back in the R & B mood with an urban pop feel. The track featured Pheel; a multitalented musician and guitarist who has been making a strong impression on the Nigerian music scene since his participation Star Quest in 2006. The song has a cool theme with the melody sitting nicely on top of the beat to create a surreal feeling. ‘With This Woman’ is also a great track with an evocative and romantic theme. It also has a midtempo like ‘Let You Know’ and is a proper rendition of a love song. In this track, he also exhibits his deep lyrical genius. He discusses about a woman in his life who he deeply loves and wants to be with for the rest of his life. A lovely one for people who are in love. ‘Go (She Said)’ is an interesting concept especially for an R & B Junkie like Dare. Its a clean fusion of urban R & B and Reggae. Its also midtempo track which is easy on the ears and creates a sizzling feel in the mind of its listener. Its definitely a great song; especially for its position on the album.

‘Thinkin’ is another pop and R & B fusion that has a classic feel. It is a solid track with clear soul inspirations. This song has a close resemblance with Usher’s ‘Throwback’ in his ‘Confessions’ album. I might be wrong, or maybe Dare got his inspiration from this song. How knows? ‘Keep Ur Head Up’ is also a midtempo song bringing this album to an applause deserving close. The secret behind Dare’s appeal lies in the charming power of his unique voice; using this power to pull you in to the rest of his album like a possessed man. Dare has matured into the real deal for a flagging Nigerian R n B and Hip Hop scene. Also, Dare’s smart choice of feature artists for different themes is also worth praising. He definitely got the right people for the right tracks to make his songs as appealing as possible to his target audience.

From the big picture, Dare has definitely proven himself on this one and tunes from this album are surely going to remain on a lot of playlists and MP3 Players for a while. From the choice of beats, lyrics and playlist arrangement on his album, he has managed to keep the average Listener interested and entertained. ‘unDareyted’ is an album with a lot of soulful tunes and definitely reinforces Dare’s image in the Nigerian music scene as an R & B Maestro who knows the proper mix in order to keep people moving and fantasizing all at the same time. With an album that is certified to earn substantial airtime for the next one year, he is definitely not going to be underrated this time. It seems this one was definitely from Dare to us after all.

Rating: 4/5.

Reviewed by – Oluwaseun Pelemo for Nigerianhiphop.net.

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  1. Am jt listening 2 ur album nw an i can’t stop listening tll i here ur voice again an plz l wl love 2 be one of those pple dat God wll blessed by u,plz mak me somebody by singing like u sir, God bless u.

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